WCEAM 2024, 23-25 Oct 2024, New Delhi, India


The 18th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM 2024, https://wceam2024.com) will be organised on 23-25 Oct. 2024 at the Constitution Club of India in New Delhi. It was originally scheduled to be held at the IIT Kanpur.

The Theme of this Congress is Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Process Industry: Automation, Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, and beyond. It covers a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary R&D domains, and is relevant for Engineering Asset Sectors (including – not limited to) Transportation – Rail, Road, Air, Water; Oil, Natural Gas and Renewable Energy; Power; Defence; MSME (Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises); Habitat and Environment – Air, Water, Land; Heritage; Health and Civic Infrastructure; Education and Training.

Technology Streams (including – not limited to)

Asset management in Industry 4.0: Smart Factory, Cyber-physical Systems, Virtual Factory, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cloud-based solutions, Machine learning.

Modern digital applications: Advanced ICTs, Big Data Analytics, Intelligent decision support, Algorithms for Performance optimization, Industrial informatics, Signal processing, Robotics and Automation, Mechatronics, Smart sensors and Instruments.

Dynamic modelling, simulation and visualization: Modelling of Business & Operational Processes, Multiagent technologies, 3D technologies, Visualization techniques.

Smarter and safer assets: Digital risk, Safety, Security, Reliability, Resilience Engineering, Barrier design and management, Human-Technology interface, Risk analysis and management, Data integration and Interoperability.

Asset economics and decision analysis: Financial risks, Asset investments, Life cycle costing, Beyond budgeting, Decision analysis.

Critical asset processes: Spare-parts and Warehousing, Innovative logistics, Supply chain optimization, Production planning, Quality control, Maintenance, Operations, Remote support, Collaborative work processes

Asset health: Tools and technologies for equipment and structural health assessment, Diagnostics and Prognostics, Technical and operational integrity, Pattern recognition, e-Maintenance, Inspection techniques, Fault and Failure analysis.

Co-value creation: Service innovation, Service integration, Project engineering and management, Contract strategies and Contract management, B2B partnerships, Change management, Customer relationships.

Sustainable assets and processes: Energy efficiency, Regulations and Standards, Legal aspects, Environmental technologies, Eco-efficiency, Carbon foot-print, Managing stakeholders.

Human capital and organizational development: Competence management, Education and Training, Managing work place diversity, Modern leadership.

Performance measurement and management: KPI design and implementation, Performance optimization methods and techniques, Benchmarking, Learning and Continuous improvement.

You are invited to participate in this Conference and contribute a Paper in the domain of your scientific interest. The website https://wceam2024.com is open for Submission of Abstracts and Registration. The papers will be peer-reviewed and published by Springer as Scopus ne Ei indexed WCEAM Proceedings. We also welcome proposals for the organization of special sessions on emergent or interdisciplinary topics.