About Asset Institute

Building on a proven track record

The Asset Institute is a continuation of the former Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM). With the wind-up of CIEAM in June 2013 it was agreed by CIEAM stakeholders that a new body would be established to continue its substantial body of work. The Asset Institute is the natural evolution of CIEAM. Recognising the invaluable contribution to public good already generated by CIEAM in promoting efficiency and sustainability in asset management, the Asset Institute consolidates CIEAM’s work into a cohesive mission for the public good.

The Asset Institute is built on the foundation of an internationally recognised research leader in its field — indeed CIEAM’s research helped underpin the development of asset management as an independent field in its own right. CIEAM has driven transformational change in the institutional culture surrounding engineering asset management and delivery at both the national and international level. Achieving international recognition for having developed a world-class research and development capability in engineering asset management technology, innovation and application, the Asset Institute will continue CIEAM’s legacy, further developing and disseminating the research pioneered by CIEAM in the form of ongoing collaborative projects. In doing so the Asset Institute endeavours to create public benefit and benefit for its partners through safer, more efficient, more environmentally conscious and sustainable asset management.

Like CIEAM, the Asset Institute is committed to creating industry-ready tools and methodologies that can be applied at the policy, governance and organisational levels. We are committed to continuing extensive stakeholder engagement ensuring our research and solutions are relevant, practical and timely. With full access to CIEAM’s extensive Body of Knowledge in engineering asset management the Asset Institute offers a range of capabilities aimed at making a positive difference to the field of asset management and, ultimately, community livelihoods.

Organisational structure

Unlike its predecessor, the Asset Institute is a public, unlisted company limited by guarantee, established for charitable purposes. Its company governance is consistent of that of a registered Australian charitable organisation and will comply with any governance standards imposed by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission. The Board comprises an industry-focused, skills-based team made up of independent and representative members to support the Asset Institute.

For more information about how to partner with the Asset Institute visit our Membership page, or find out more about our vision, mission and values and our people.