Our Expertise

Leveraging off CIEAM’s world-class, breadth of capability, holistic approaches and ability to develop analysis engines to facilitate effective and reliable decision-making, the Asset Institute draws together an established network of industry experts, professional bodies, government agencies and research institutions. With its access to a deep body of knowledge the Asset Institute has a wide range of research expertise to enable it to facilitate transformational change in the performance of engineering and infrastructure assets.

In particular the Asset Institute offers a wide range of capabilities encompassing:

  • brokering and managing collaborative research to solve asset management and sustainability problems
  • developing and applying multidisciplinary capabilities to deliver asset management innovative solutions into diverse industry sectors
  • integrating and improving asset maintenance and management processes and personnel to advance an overall delivery system for asset management and maintenance
  • integrating sustainable engineering processes with Life Cycle Management including inventory, scheduling, finance, environmental and other elements of the total corporate management system
  • working with industry, professional associations, governments, development partners and research organisations to build awareness of, and to educate and train practitioners in asset management that address challenges of efficiency, resilience and sustainability
  • providing predictive modelling, diagnostic and prognostic tools for asset management decision-support.

In order to achieve these capabilities the Institute has developed, and will continually refine, a broad work plan to ensure its core research ‘themes’ enable it to predict, identify and resolve relevant, common asset management and infrastructure challenges, so that its partners and communities around the world can benefit from increased asset performance, availability, reliability, reduced cost of ownership and extension of asset life.