Odbok Pty Ltd – new member


We welcome Odbok Pty Ltd as a new member of the Asset Institute.

Odbok Pty Ltd has been established to coordinate and lead an Ecosystem of SME companies who are all focused on changing current enterprise practices to ensure unified data foundations are delivered for our customers. Their approach combines an OIIE based reference architecture AND the application of our Odbok methodology to provide a sustainable, deterministic and unified foundation of high quality data.

The application of a well proven methodology into the data management arena along with the use of the open industrial interoperability ecosystem technical framework will eliminate data accessibility, data accuracy and data reliability as impedances to insights, decisions and continuous improvement in companies.

Born from the need for efficiency and effectiveness in the operational and production arena their methodology is relevant to any company that has multiple “Systems” that they use to collate the human and / or automated transactions.

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