Vision, Mission and Values

In keeping with CIEAM’s tradition of strong stakeholder engagement, the Asset Institute consulted with a range of stakeholders (including former CIEAM participants, research organisations, government and other interested parties) to develop its vision, mission and values.

Our Vision

“The Asset Institute will be a leading International Research Institute providing transformational Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management Solutions.”

Our Mission

“To provide collaborative research services, solutions and training, utilising our world-leading knowledge in whole-of-life engineering asset management for public benefit. By applying our expertise, tools and technologies, the public will benefit from increased sustainability of infrastructure through improved asset performance, availability, reliability, reduced cost of ownership and extension of asset life. These outcomes will benefit the Australian public generally and enhance community livelihoods and sustainability internationally.”

Our Values

  • The Institute will promote a learning and nurturing culture amongst its stakeholders and staff.
  • The Institute will promote the public benefit in all that it does, including through any related commercialisation and contract research/consulting required to resource its public benefiting activities.
  • The Institute will operate in accordance with the highest standards in all its relationships with its stakeholders and the community.
  • The Institute will promote an environment that will encourage innovation amongst its stakeholders and diligence amongst staff.