New Member – XMPRO


We welcome XMPRO as a new member of the Asset Institute.

XMPRO is an SME vendor with a Low-Code Application Development Platform which enables engineers and subject matter experts to build and deploy real-time applications in weeks. The platform makes it easy to connect to a variety of data sources, apply real-time analytics and trigger rule-based prescriptive recommendations when specific events occur in your data.

With XMPRO, users can use their expert knowledge to build a portfolio of real-time event intelligence apps to prevent asset downtime, reduce production losses and prevent safety incidents. These apps can be rapidly deployed across different asset types, plants, operational areas and business units to scale your digital transformation without overloading your IT team.

Founded in 2009, XMPRO has a proven track record of helping organizations in asset-intensive industries improve operational excellence, reduce risk and increase asset utilization. The company serves its global customer base from offices in Sydney, Dallas, London and Pretoria. Since 2015, the team at XMPRO have been actively contributing to initiatives like the Industrial Internet Consortium, the Digital Twin Consortium and the Open Group OSDU™ Forum.

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