International Conference on Asset Management, Maintenance & Reliability


Federation University Australia is organising an international conference with the Asset Management Council on Asset Management, Maintenance, Reliability from 12-14th December, 2021.

This conference will be attended by scholars and practitioners attending from Australia, New Zealand, India, Sweden, UK, Bangladesh, Canada, Ireland, Indonesia, Kuwait, South Africa, Ecuador, USA, Philippines, Taiwan, Portugal and many other parts of the world, making the conference truly international. There will be excellent networking opportunities at the event,  where reducing costs and risks; enhancing performance; and Engineering, Management and IT innovations are going to be the main themes.

Speakers will address topics such as: risk management, whole-life-approach investment decisions, failure modes, existing and emerging technologies, and extending an asset’s lifecycle. Deliberations will provide directions and insights on work to transform our industries, regions and communities, and potentially help with post-covid economic recovery. 

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