From Blockbuster to Blockchain: How to Manage a Not-Quite-Settled Technology Platform


Associate Professor Rob Perrons of QUT, the Co-Convener of our Oil & Gas/LNG Special Interest Group shares an article that he recently wrote for the December issue of the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Journal of Petroleum Technology.

It is one of the outputs arising from a collaboration Rob had with the Intel Corporation throughout the past year in which he and a team were looking at the potential impact of blockchain in the oil & gas space.

Blockchain holds significant promise as a way to deliver value to the oil & gas and LNG industry, but the technology is still in the fluid phase of experimentation within the marketplace.  This guest editorial draws a comparison between the technological trajectory of blockchain and the early days of high-density video disc players, and recommends that it might be time for the industry to start actively working towards common architectures and standards in the oil & gas blockchain domain.

Click Here to download the editorial.