Building 4.0 Cooperative Research Centre


The newly announced Building 4.0 CRC was developed to apply the concepts of Industry 4.0 to the construction industry. The construction industry is often held up as an example of an industry that has not improved its on-site productivity significantly over the last 50 or more years. The goal of the new CRC is to use Industry 4.0 concepts of technology advancements in IoT, big data and data analytics, robotics, autonomous systems, sensors and automation, and production methods such 3D printing. These technologies are enabled by changes in business models, organisation and culture.

The CRC is led by Monash University, with the University of Melbourne and QUT as partner research organisations. Professor Robin Drogemuller, our Design and Construction Theme Leader, leads the Digital Transformation program, with the Sectorial Transformation program led by the University of Melbourne and the Building Transformation program led by Monash University. The CRC has $56M in cash with $64M in inkind.

Click Here for access to the The Building 4.0 web page.