Asset Technology Group (Korea) – our newest member


Asset Technology Group (ATG) (Korea) has joined the Asset Institute. ATG is an SME specialising in Predictive Maintenance technologies (PdM) and Asset Management Optimization services in Korea. Formed in 2011, the mission of ATG is to provide the best value to customers in the implementation of asset management strategies and technologies within their companies. The combined expertise of ATG specialists amount to over 50 years of experience in PdM services with vibration analysis, IR Thermography and Ultrasound test and 10 years’ of experience in asset management services particularly in maintenance information systems implementation.

ATG is an ISO 18436 certified training body in vibration analysis, IR thermography and ultrasound testing. Its qualified and experienced instructors provide certification courses in these PdM technologies. ATG started asset management consulting services in 2015 with leveraging their experience and knowledge in Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) to power plant operators, Electronics Manufacturers, Food and Beverage Industries and assist clients to achieve certification in ISO 55001.

As well as its core offerings, ATG provides services to clients in the adoption of artificial intelligence, IoT technologies for asset management and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM3™).

For further details on the organisation, please Click Here to access the ATG web site.