Asset Management Capability Maturity Assessment Survey Tool and Guide


The Asset Institute’s Public Assets Collaborative Group (PACoG) releases its Asset Management Capability Maturity Assessment Tool.

Understanding and Mapping Asset Management Capability Maturity

Organisational physical assets are expensive to purchase and costly to maintain, however, these assets provide the means to meet organisational objectives and deliver services. Business success for asset-intensive organisations is dependent on the continuous availability of those assets and the capacity of the workforce to support the asset management objectives.

For businesses to succeed they must be capable of making the most from their assets and generate value through these assets over the long-term. Poorly performing assets or those not aligned to organisational objectives deplete scarce resources and may fail to achieve organisational targets.

The Asset Management Capability Maturity Model (AMCaMM) allows managers (and asset decision makers) to quickly assess the level of asset management maturity held by the organisation.

It provides managers with an easy to implement tool that gives an immediate strategic overview of organisational asset management which aligns with the requirements of international and Australian standards to manage their assets. It is a tool to provide a strategic overview of asset management and it does not replace careful monitoring and reporting of organisational requirements for asset management.

Based on international best practice benchmarks and the Asset Institute’s Strategic Asset Management Framework: Public Sector (downloadable by Clicking Here), the AMCaMM assesses the current level of asset management across 31 areas of operation – including organisational governance, service delivery planning, tactical and operational planning, service delivery, knowledge management, and organisational management as applied across the organisation.

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